Regulatory Strategy

What is it?

Regulatory strategy is a method of aligning business strategy with the regulatory implications that will affect it. Regulatory strategy provides overall definition and direction to the business for the technology/service being developed by identifying important regulatory elements to be addressed in the development and marketing process.

Government and regulators are critically important stakeholders in their ability to affect a company’s economic value. Using regulatory strategy will allow you to capture more value while managing external risks to your business model. Use it to maximize your company’s chances of success.


Our Regulatory Intelligence Consultation will:

  • Assess the regulatory environment and its implications on your company’s business model, technology/product/service, and marketing channels
  • Develop a detailed SWOT analysis of the business based on federal and state regulatory drivers

Follow-on services include:

  • Issue monitoring
  • Periodic reporting to company management and the Board of Directors/Advisors
  • Opinion letter to support financing and investment
  • Engaging regulators and legislators on key issues
  • Developing coalition support


Why is it important?

Even if your company, or the products or services it produces, are not directly regulated, your customers probably are.

Energy, environment and high-tech are all heavily regulated industries, and becoming more so all the time. Business owners not only need to understand the environment in which their own business operates, but also that in which their customers operate. The regulatory environment is constantly changing. It must be managed at some combination of the international, federal, state and local levels.

Using regulatory business strategy, your company can be prepared to make the necessary changes to product/service requirements and development plans as the regulations shift.

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